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OPCRAFT STORE Incredible items at affordable prices.
How can I make sure my purchase is successful?
Enter your username correctly when the store asks you to enter it.
If you're purchasing Keys or Items, or anything that takes up Inventory space, be sure you have enough space in your in-game inventory.
If you're purchasing Rank Upgrades or Ranks, only purchase one at a time. Wait for the last one you purchased to credit to your account until you purchase another Rank Upgrade.
Purchases may take up to 5 minutes to process.
Under 16? Ask for parental consent before purchasing anything.
We use the secure and trusted PayPal gateway to process payments. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase — just click "Pay with Credit/Debit Card" at checkout.
What do I do if I don't receive my purchase(s)?
When you purchase anything from our store it can take up to 10 minutes to process and give you your items. You must be online in-game to receive your packages unless you are buying a package that says otherwise. If for some reason you do not receive your package(s) after you purchase them please open a ticket in our Discord by typing "-new" in the #bot-spam channel with the transaction details. If you have paid with an eCheck then it can take up to 7 days for the eCheck to clear, once it clears you will get your items within 10 minutes.
Refund Policy & Disputes
Anything you purchase from this store is considered an intangible virtual item. We cannot recover the items you used when you purchased the package or the perks you have used. No refunds will be granted. If you think your case is different then please feel free to open a ticket on our Discord by typing "-new" in the #bot-spam channel. Additionally, if you have any issues with support via our Discord or you prefer emailing us, you can reach us at
Also, when OPCraft resets it's server(s) you may lose items you have previously purchased. However, all rank purchases are final unless you charge back at which point you will be banned from the server and lose your rank.
Attempts to bypass our refund policy via filing a dispute with PayPal, or your credit company, will result in you being permanently banned from our Minecraft Network, our Tebex Store, and ALL other Tebex Stores!

The information you enter upon checkout whether private or public will not be given out, exchanged, or sold. We collect your information for the solepurpose of tracking and verifying payments you make to our store.

Please note that OPCraft is owned by Internet Hive, LLC and credit/debit card statements may be reflected as such.